SMS Coaching – educating, motivating and inspiring young people throughout Greater Manchester

Meet the Senior Leadership Team
Head of School - Hecabe DuFraisse
Head of Teaching & Learning - Bilal Mahmud
SENCO & Designated Teacher - Amanda Welch

About SMS

SMS Coaching is an Independent Special School bringing together highly experienced staff with specialist knowledge in their individual areas of expertise in educating, motivating and inspiring young people. This is done by identifying and utilising an individual’s interest as a key motivator and creating a personalised programme which meets the needs of the individual.

 All the courses follow accredited programmes, which allow the learners to achieve their full potential.

SMS Coaching Changing lives allows the learners to develop in many additional ways through individually designed pathways, not only in terms of recognised qualifications, but other life skills such as confidence building, team work and social skills. The skills they have gained will help to improve their future career prospects

What is it like to attend this school?

Pupils feel safe and valued at SMS Changing Lives. Those we spoke with said that behaviour is good most of the time and that bullying rarely happens. Leaders deal with it effectively when it does. Pupils know what discriminatory behaviour is. They told us that there is no racism or bullying in school because people are respected for who they are. Pupils enjoy being creative. They like to combine lyrics with music samples and perform their own compositions. In the health and beauty salon, pupils practise their customer care skills and create new patterns and designs for synthetic nails. In the gym, pupils keep fit and hone their boxing skills.