Bespoke independent special school aimed at ‘Changing Lives' of young people through a unique, nurturing education programme

SMS Coaching ‘Changing Lives’ School helps  to Educate, Motivate & Inspire hard to reach young people. Our Objective to to embed valuable  life skills to a nurturing education package, helping to
prepare and simplify basic skills of day today living and work towards living a more independent life.

Who We Educate

The programme caters for students between 11 and 16 years of age with a range of additional needs.

How is the Programme Taught

The SMS Changing Lives Centre provides an environment where pupils can learn and practice life skills in a safe, realistic and practical way.
The realistic scenarios simulate everyday problems and allow pupils to learn how to deal with them whilst in a safe environment.

The children work in small bespoke groups in their specific Key Stage age group.  All SMS sessions generally assign a learning mentor that will accompany each group/student in order to support the students’ learning needs.

This unique enrichment programme is aimed at students struggling in their current setting or to enhance their development by providing accredited enrichment activities with professional outcomes preparing them for adult lives and post 16 pathways.

There is a clear reporting/ communication schedule which includes:

Daily attendance reporting

progress reports

Incidents/safeguarding procedures

Regular meetings between Project manager and lead training staff to discuss progress and to review the programmes development

Student Code of Conduct

Each student will be required to sign and adhere to the SMS Changing Lives Code of Conduct Policy before any referral will take place.

The SMS Way

SMS Coaching Changing Lives is an Independent Special School which brings together highly experienced staff who
have specialist knowledge in their individual areas of expertise in educating, motivating and inspiring young people.

This is done by identifying and utilising an individual’s vocational interest as a key motivator
and creating a personalised programme which meets the needs of the individual.

All the courses follow accredited programmes, which allow the learners to achieve their full potential.

SMS Changing Lives School  has been Quality Assured by a number of local Authorities.

SMS Coaching Changing Lives allows the learners to develop in many additional ways through individually designed pathways, not only in terms of recognised qualifications, but other life skills such as confidence building, team work and social skills. The skills they have gained will help to improve their future career prospects.

Bespoke Education Programme Key Stage 3 & 4

GCSE & Functional Skills

GCSE Math's & English, Functional Skills ranging from EL1-EL3 and also Level 1 & Level 2

NCFE Tech Awards Level 1 & 2

We offer a wide range of vocational qualifications through NCFE & Edexcel , such as Sports, Music, Food Tech, Art, Child Care, Hair and Beauty and DIY.


Accredited short course focusing on art, media, music and performing arts.


A short course aimed at developing young people to become more independent in their day to day lives.

ASDAN/ COPE Level 1 & 2

Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (COPE) is a non-academic qualification designed to develop the individual as a person

GCSE Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Accredited GCSE pathways in single science .

Programme Venue Address - Manchester

Changing Lives School, Ferranti House, Wickentree Lane, Failsworth, Manchester M35 9AY